With Boer Con, Jackie Bradley Jr. can shift the focus.

With Trevor Boyer Officially Los Angeles Dodger, the Mets are now looking for other ways around their cycle. In addition, they can now focus their attention and money on other listing needs. A strong defensive center fielder on that list.

According to Ken Davidoff and Joel Sherman New York Post, May intensify efforts to bring in the Mets Jackie Bradley Jr.. To the Queens. It seems logical that the Mets waited until the fire chip fell before making other moves. From Sportrock, As of January 16, 2021, the Mets luxury tax limit was approximately $ 28 million. Add Aaron the Wolfs 3 million, and the Mets are now under the tax payment stage of about 25 million.

According to Mark Finesand, the Dodgers will pay $ 40 million to Bauer in the first year of his contract.

Joel Sherman Tweeted Mets would have significantly overstepped the luxury tax if they had signed on to Bauer because they had paid too much to Bauer, and faced with paying fees or cutting wages. Either way, they are unlikely to have cost Bradley either.

MLP trade rumors Bradley predicts he will order a deal worth about $ 16 million a year. While the MLPDR suggests that a two-year contract may be enough for Bradley, others speculate that the former Red Sox center fielder could sign for four or five years.

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With the Mets 25 million under the luxury line, they can certainly match Bradley, and another round hand (The Jack Otorice “Is he or is he?” Rumors continue to spread).

Bradley is a good, though not the best, fit for the Mets. Defensively in the central field, he will be a significant improvement Brandon Nimmo. Bradley’s DRS5 (career 48) in 2020, against Nimmo -5 (career-14) in 2020. In the center field Bradley would allow Nimmo to move to the left field, where he is moderately defensive and far superior to the Mets’ other options. Dominic Smith And J.D. Davis (If Davis is not on the third site).

However, the Virginia native is not a great attacking player, with 98 home runs in eight seasons.239 / .321 / .412 career reduction. He has a career bWAR of 18.0, when his best season 2016, 5.8 bWAR was released.

Another reason Bradley is not a great fit is that he is a left-handed hitter, and will join a line that is already leaning to the left (Jeff McNeill, Nimmo, Smith, Michael comfort). The other concern is the length of a potential contract. If Bradley signs for four or five years, he will be in his mid-thirties at the end of the contract.

There are other ways for the Mets to consider safety in the central field. None of them are a good fit (Albert Almora, Teleno Shields Is one of the junior options). Tshields and Almora are both right-handed hitters, but not as good for a defender as Bradley.

In the end, the Mets missed the Bayer, which would have given the Mets the best in addition to its rotation, otherwise the best rotation in the game.

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However, Mets is still under the luxury line and has the potential to meet working capital and other needs. It will be interesting to see how they continue to add to their list in the fall days of the off-season.

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